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About the Author


At my first interview, upon hearing that I was over 70 years old, the reporter commented, "You started writing late in life didn't you?" 

I replied, "No it just took me that long to finish my first one completed."

Darrell Coley lives in Ohio with his wife Pamela and Wilson (their dog).  In the beginning, Darrell started his aviation career in the United States Army during the Viet Nam War. After leaving the service, Darrell worked as a technical writer and engineer for several well-known aircraft manufacturers and international airlines. After retiring he was once more sought out by airline professionals and continues to work as an aeronautical engineering consultant from his home office.  Darrell uses his wide knowledge of engineering to bring more realism to his stories. 

In addition to being an aeronautical engineer, Darrell is also a Baptist minister.  It was his love for God, and his love for science-fiction that caused him to write this series that celebrates science, while elevating and giving glory to God.   

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