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The author tells a great story of faith, romance, and engineering. This is an intelligent science-fiction story that keeps you anticipating the next chapter. I’m excited for book two to be released.

Pastor David Frasure

Rare is it when an accomplished artist, skilled in the use of paints and oils, turns his talents of pictures to the written word. History itself records how rare the feat is but how refreshing it is when it occurs.

Such is the case with Darrell Coley with SWALLOWED BY TIME as precise words are used to paint the images before us. It is as if we were there listening to the conversations and seeing the events transpire right before our eyes.

This adventure allows is to witness the exciting adventures of a diverse set of characters as they work together as a team to respond to the challenges before them. The fast-paced action lends itself to a fun read while also respecting the science written for such an adventure – one written by an aeronautical engineer – using a language anyone can follow.

I highly recommend this book and the adventure it provides as we benefit from the rare and unique perspective of an artist skilled both in oils and words.

Jay Ratliff


Day Trade Fun Stock/Aviation Analyst

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. It has suspense, history, science, romance. Something for everyone. If you are looking for a new series and author this is your book!

Amazon Review

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